Using Envelopes

At present there are 32 envelopes at up to 256 slots each. These can be accessed by pressing F9.

Envelope Example

Key Movement
Arrow-Keys Move around
TAB Switch to/from env editor
Page Up Increase value by $10
Page Down Increase value by $10
HOME Set to max
END Set to min
ALT-M Switch between short/full envelope view

Select the envelope you want using the arrow keys (up and down). To modify a particular envelope, press TAB to switch to the envelope editor. Here you can use the arrow keys to draw out your envelope. To go back and select another envelope, press TAB again.

You know you are in envelope edit mode when you see a PETSCII up arrow. This indicates which position of the envelope you are on.

The HOME and END keys jump to the top or bottom of the envelope list or set the current position of the envelope to the maximum or minimum value repsectively.

PAGE-UP and PAGE-DOWN increment or decement the envelope value by $10 (16)

ALT-M toggles between the short view, intended for volume and wave on the PSG, which caps out at $3F; and the full view, intended for pitch.

Using Envelopes

Envelopes can be assigned to multiple sources. For instance, an envelope could be used for PWM in one instrument while be used for volume in another. Currently VERA instruments are where envelopes can be assigned. At the moment, volume and PWM envelopes are implemented. To use them switch to the VERA Instrument menu (F3). Here you can assign envelopes to each instrument. Assigning and configuring instruments to use envelopes will be covered in the VERA Instruments portion of the manual.