Manual for DreamTracker, a native music tracker for the Commander X16 principally written by Tim Soderstrom.

Pattern Example


Current Version: V0.70 Pre-Release 2: Marching Towards Beta

To download the latest version simply click here

Changes from 0.69 include:

Important The pre-release now includes a file converter. At present, and part of the reason this is a pre-release, it updates the effect parameters to the new values but does not currently adjust the vibrato/tremolo/pulsolo and these have changed significantly.

Video Demos

You can find a list of teaser and demo videos on the Victim Cache YouTube page here.


If you want to talk to Tim or others about DreamTracker, here’s a few places to go:


DreamTracker is currently free and open source. If you would like to support development, you can peruse the source code here.

You can also support the project by supporting the band Tim is a part of, Victim Cache. We use Dream Tracker, along with other trackers and chiptune instruments and there’s a good chance you might like at least some of the music we make. Proceeds from our album and merch sales help fund development of Dream Tracker.

Or simply spread the word about Dream Tracker and the Commander X16.

User Documentation

Information on how to use Dream Tracker (you know, to make music and stuff).

Developer Documentation

Developer docs are a mess right now. I’m working on it! But wanted the user docs to be at least somewhat reasonable first.

Tim’s Oddball Ideas For the X16

These are, honestly, probably distractions from working on DreamTracker but I needed a place for these so I wouldn’t forget them when I’m able to work on them.